The Perfect Kilometre©

Efficiency starts
behind the wheel

Get the
most out of
every ride

The best driving environment
ensures that you stay alert for longer.

You're always

No matter the conditions,
you will always be comfortable.
Helping you keep sharp and efficient.

Less fuel consumption

The Perfect Kilometre©

for maximum

The most

Our Euro 6 engine
is the most economical of its kind
with the lowest emissions.

See for

Sometimes hundreds of tests
in our lab and millions of kilometres on the road
aren't enough, you need to decide for yourself.
See what's possible with the Fuel Duel Euro 6.

The Perfect Kilometre©

The ideal
financial plan


We offer leases and
financing solutions so you get
the most out of your choices.

Total cost of ownership

World-wide value stability

The Perfect Kilometre©

service and

keeps you

By knowing exactly
when maintenance is required,
you can prevent unplanned

Back on the
road in no time

Our best professionals are always there for you.
24/7, throughout all of Europe.

Reduce downtime,
reduce costs

Rapid availability of original Mercedes-Benz
parts will ensure you're back on the road in no time,
whilst keeping the cost of any downtime low.

The Perfect Kilometre©

Driver safety
is paramount

Brake in time.

Brake a little too late?
Our Active Brake Assist 3 will do it for you.

Your truck
keeps a sharp
eye on you

The Attention Assistant
recognises signs of fatigue
and if necessary will intervene.

Always on the
right track

The Track Assistant takes care
of you, other road-users and your cargo by giving
a warning when you leave your lane unintentionally.

Experience how you can get the most
out of your truck with Mercedes-Benz.

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At Mercedes-Benz,
everything is in service of the kilometre.

What it costs you and, especially,
what it can bring you.

Because the more we get from a kilometre,
the farther it takes you.

That's why we introduce...